FBA Issue 10: September / October 2006


Alltech launches Asian marketing efforts for NuPro



ALLTECH has launched an aggressive marketing campaign promoting its natural yeast product NuPro as a functional nutrient for pigs in all major markets, including Asia.


Dr Darryl D'Souza, Alltech's Asia-Pacific technical manager for pigs, explains its focus on this region: "In Asia, we see an opportunity for the product. Pig producers are increasingly looking for alternatives to porcine plasma protein because of traceabililty issues, and also to fishmeal because of fishmeal's rising price and inability to provide nucleotides."


NuPro is the only product of its kind that guarantees in its composition a minimum level of highly available nucleotides, Dr D'Souza adds, explaining that in NuPro, the level is 5 percent. Nucleotides assist in cell division and several essential bodily processes, and are thus critical to growth and immune response.


First launched in late 2004 after a period of extensive test marketing in Asia and Latin America, NuPro is now widely used throughout both regions.


For more information, visit www.alltech.com  


Perstorp Franklin's new buffering technology


PERSTORP Franklin has introduced a range of products based on a new buffering technology that improves the safety and nutritional value of feed additives. Efficacy studies at independent institutes confirm this new buffering to be an improvement on the current standard, says R&D manager Henri Peijnenburg.


Tony Toebak, Perstorp Franklin's assistant marketing & sales coordinator tells FBA that the new buffering technology is based on sodium rather than ammonium salts.


Perstorp's organic acids products are available in Europe, Asia and Brazil.



Adisseo releases new Rhodimet



ADISSEO released in July 2006 a new version of the Rhodimet Nutrition Guide (NG) for amino acids management. A reference tool that "optimises amino acid requirements and secures feed formulation", this exclusive programme is made available only to customers.


A modelling tool for amino acid recommendations, Rhodimet NG offers feed millers and pre-mixers customised solutions for amino acid optimisation, whatever the production strategies may be, Addiseo says.


"There are more than two versions of the Nutrition Guide," explains Jasline Kwek, Adisseo Asia-Pacific's assistant sales and marketing manager. "The Rhodimet NG today is actually the fourth version," she says.



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