August 27, 2020


Brazil requests proof that chicken wing shipment to China contains COVID-19 coronavirus


Brazilian agriculture attachés at Shenzhen, Guangdong province requested Chinese authorities to provide laboratory results confirming exports of frozen chicken wings were detected with COVID-19 coronavirus traces, Reuters reported.


According to a statement by Brazil's Agriculture Ministry, the attachés were told by participants in the meeting that the test results were being held by Guangdong health authorities, who did not attend the meeting.


The Brazilian agriculture attachés said they will maintain communications with China's municipal, provincial and central government in order to get the lab report and other associated information.


The Brazilian government said during the meeting, the Chinese officials said three samples tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus. One sample was obtained from the frozen chicken wings, with two other samples obtained from the product packaging.


Aurora, the company implicated in the frozen chicken wing export case to China, voluntarily stopped exports to the country beginning August 20 until more details are available pertaining to the alleged contamination.


The statement added that Shenzhen health authorities could not confirm if the discovery only focused on detecting the coronavirus genetic material or the active virus. The Shenzhen authorities were also unable to give more information with regards to the alleged discovery.


Hong Kong imposed a ban on meat imports from Aurora's Xaxim factory, while the Philippines introduced a temporary suspension on all Brazilian poultry meat imports.


-      Reuters

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