August 27, 2003



China's Methionine Mid-Week Report - Marginal Falls in China's Methionine Prices Amidst Signs of Market Stability


An eFeedLink Exclusive Report


Recent methionine market in China remained gloomy; prices in some regions fell slightly. Current quotations for powder methionine ranged between RMB24.0-24.2/kg, while general transacted prices (delived-to-factory prices) hovered at around RMB23.5-24.0/kg. Liquid methionine prices remained stable; current general transacted prices ranged between RMB20.0-20.2/kg, and below RMB20.0/kg in some regions.


Methionine transacted prices for some regions in China were listed as follows:

    • Guangzhou at RMB23.8-24.0/kg;
    • Beijing at RMB23.6-23.8/kg;
    • Zhengzhou at RMB23.5-23.7/kg;
    • Changsha at RMB24.0/kg;
    • Jinan at RMB23.7-23.8/kg;
    • Shanghai at RMB23.8/kg;
    • Nanjin at RMB23.5-23.8/kg;
    • Chengdu at RMB23.8-24.0/kg. 

Overall, current methionine market in China still remains flat. Traders said that prices are expected to fall slightly in the nearby term due to ample supply.