August 26, 2009

Ukraine grain imports up in July, exports down

In July 2009, Ukraine's grain imports rose by 4.6 percent on-year to 6,130 tonnes for US$2.73 million, while exports fell by 4.7 percent on-year to 1.67 million tonnes for US$240.51 million.


On a month-on-month basis, Ukraine's grain imports fell by 17.9 percent or 1,340 tonnes in July, while exports fell 3.4 percent or 58,740 tonnes.


In January-July 2009, grain imports fell by 26.5 percent or 21,160 tonnes to 58,570 tonnes for US$78.92 million on-year; exports rose by 2.6 percent or 8.5 million tonnes to 13.7 million tonnes for US$1,877.57 million on-year.


In June 2009, grain imports rose by 50.6 percent or 2,510 tonnes on-year, to 7,470 tonnes for US$3.01 million; exports rose by 25.3 percent or 348,850 tonnes on-year, to 1.7 million tonnes for US$255.76 million, Ukrainian News reported.


In 2008, grain imports fell by 31 percent or 51,650 tonnes on-year to 115,160 tonnes for US$146.51 million; exports rose by 3.8 percent or 11.9 million tonnes on-year, to 16.1 million tonnes for US$3,704.01 million.