August 25, 2020


Tesco shuns beef from UK farm accused of animal cruelty 


Wetherspoon, Tesco and Lidl will not get their beef from a mega farm in the English town of Daventry, the United Kingdom, following allegations and evidence of animal cruelty, the Daily Mail reported.

Cattle reared in sheds at the US-style Berryfields Farm site -- that is said to rear more than 4,000 bull calves a year -- have suffered severe lameness. Videos also showed stockmen subjecting animals under physical abuse.

The farm is suspended from the Red Tractor scheme, whose logo on packs is designed to be a guarantee of high standards for consumers.

Cattle from the farm are transported to a Foyle Food Group slaughterhouse at Melton Mowbray. The resulting steaks, mince and joints are sold on to customers, who include Wetherspoon, Tesco and Lidl.

"We require all our suppliers to uphold high animal welfare standards, and have immediately suspended this farm," said Tesco following the release of evidence supporting abuse allegations against Berryfields.

Lidl confirmed it has also suspended taking beef sourced from the farm following the allegations.

- Daily Mail