August 25, 2020


AHDB: EU pork exports up in June


EU fresh/frozen pork exports were up on the year again in June, according to Duncan Wyatt, lead analyst (red meat) of Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB).

Volumes were 43% higher than in June 2019 at 250,000 tonnes. The volumes excluded shipments to the United Kingdom.

Wyatt said that the continued strength in the EU's export performance is underpinned by the Chinese market. Shipments have been elevated since the beginning of the year and were up 114% in June at 159,000 tonnes. China is still keen to import pork, with lower domestic production due to African swine fever.

The EU's offal exports in June (not including to the UK) were 110,000 tonnes - a more modest 11% higher than a year ago, but still a significant growth. Volumes here were also underpinned by the Chinese market which took 78,000 tonnes, 30% more than a year ago. Shipments to Thailand, the Philippines and Hong Kong all fell slightly, further highlighting the importance of China's share of EU offal exports.

Despite this continued demand for pig meat products from China, export prices to that destination have not been rising in recent months.

EU pig meat exports including offal were pricing at €2/kg (US$2.4) in June, nearly €0.20 (US$0.24) lower than May, and €0.80 (US$0.95) lower than the prices seen at the end of last year.

However, more recently, domestic pig prices have been rallying in China, which could signal strength to come in the price of imported pork, Wyatt said.


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