August 25, 2009

Bangladesh poultry farmers oppose Indian egg imports

Poultry farmers in Bangladesh are protesting against the government's decision to allow Indian egg imports on bird flu fears.


Imported Indian eggs could spread bird flu in Bangladesh as India is facing a threat of severe bird flu virus outbreak, said Abdul Bareq Sarker, president of the Bangladesh's organisation for poultry farmers' rights.


The government had warned that it would permit egg imports if domestic egg farmers do not reduce the prices of eggs, a major source of protein in Bangladesh.


Sarker said if the import was allowed, the local poultry industry would face tough competition which could result in a loss of five million jobs.


Sarker further warned that imports of substandard eggs from India would jeopardise public health.


Sarker said the farmers would go for massive agitation programmes if the government does not retract its decision.

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