August 23, 2022


USPOULTRY: Researchers evaluated pesticide embedded paint for poultry facilities



USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation announced the completion of a funded research project at the University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc., in which researchers evaluated pesticide embedded paint for poultry facilities.


The research was made possible in part by an endowing foundation gift from Wayne Farms and is part of the Association's comprehensive research programme encompassing all phases of poultry and egg production and processing.


The completed project is known as "Project #F091: Poultry-Safe and Environment-Acceptable Pest-Repellent Paint" (Dr. Gibum Kwon, University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc., Lawrence, Kansas, the United States).


According to the project, pest-control technologies that are currently in use within the poultry industry primarily rely on spraying pesticides that have several limitations.


Dr. Kwon recently completed research with the primary objective of developing pest-repellent paint for poultry facilities and assessing its long-term performance.


Results showed that the paint's pest-repellency remained almost unchanged, even after 12 months, indicating that this pest-repellent paint may benefit those involved in poultry production.


The research summary can be found on the USPOULTRY website.



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