August 22, 2020


Avivagen announces publication of scientific paper on OxBC in British journal



Canadian life sciences company Avivagen Inc. has announced that a seminar paper on the effects of fully oxidised β-carotene (OxBC) on the reproductive performance and immune response of sows, written by scientists from South China Agricultural University, has been accepted for publication by the British Journal of Nutrition.


Avivagen's discovery that OxBC, containing mostly novel β-carotene-oxygen copolymers in a mixture of flavour-enhancing breakdown compounds, is capable of the supporting immune function, and enhancing livestock feed intake has opened up major product opportunities.


Avivagen's OxBC formulations include OxC-beta™ Livestock premix for livestock feeds, and Dr Tobias All-in-One Dog Chews and Vivamune™ Health Chews supplements for companion animals.


"The study showed a definite improvement in a number of colostrum and milk quality parameters, including the concentration of antibodies and other important immunological factors. Transfer of antibodies from the sow to piglets via the colostrum and milk provides critical disease-protection to suckling piglets whose immune systems are still immature", commented Jamie Nickerson, Avivagen's executive vice president for Business Development and Product Innovation,.


"Given the improved colostrum and milk quality, it was not surprising that the results also suggested that litters from OxC-beta-fed sows remained healthier and weaned heavier compared to controls. Improvement in the overall health of the sows fed OxC-beta represents the likely explanation for the observed benefits to colostrum and milk quality".


Nickerson noted that there were apparent improvements in other measures of sow health as well, including reduced weight loss during lactation, a higher percentage of sows returning to estrus earlier, and fewer undersized piglets at birth.


"The industry recognises that the results are indicative of real benefits and we have had a number of customers testing OxC-beta in their own sow herds", she said.


Abstract of the paper, titled "The effects of maternal supplementation with fully oxidised β-carotene on the reproductive performance and immune response of sows, as well as the growth performance of nursing piglets" is available at:

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