August 23, 2007


Italy says Russian ban on poultry unwarranted



Russia's ban on poultry products from Italy to prevent the spread of bird flu was unwarranted, Italian authorities said.


Although the ban covers live poultry, eggs and all poultry products, as well as used poultry equipment, the impact of the ban was negligible and ungrounded, Italian Agriculture minister Paolo De Castro said.


Castro said Italian poultry control is one of the strictest in Europe, and poultry deliveries come exclusively from healthy birds.


An outbreak of low pathogenic bird flu strain H5N2 and antibodies to the H7 strain was detected in northern Italy earlier this month during regular bird flu checks.


All affected birds (10,000-12,000 ducks and geese on an industrial farm and about 200 chicken and guinea-fowls) were culled and bird movements' restricted within 10-km from the farms.

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