August 22, 2023


Kansas State University awarded grant to develop ASF vaccine solutions



Kansas State University has been granted funding to embark on a research initiative aimed at safeguarding global food supplies by developing vaccines to shield swine from infectious diseases, focusing on African swine fever (ASF), Farm Journal's Pork reported.


The project is under the leadership of Juergen Richt, regents distinguished professor and university distinguished professor in Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine.


The grant, spanning a duration of three years, has been allocated by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture through its Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI).


Richt said that all prior efforts to create safe vaccines capable of effectively countering the infection and disease associated with ASF have yielded limited success.


Richt highlighted that ASF is characterised by a wide variety of severe clinical signs in affected animals, and in this project, they will test their hypothesis that it is possible to protect against ASF virus infection and disease with rationally designed and engineered virus-vectored subunit vaccine candidates.


The university's vaccine approaches are based on a better understanding of the swine's immune response to ASF virus infection, and the virus-vectored vaccine candidates are DIVA, or differentiate infected from vaccinated animals, compatible.


David Rosowsky, vice president for research at Kansas State University, emphasised the global importance of developing these vaccines. Rosowsky highlighted K-State's dedication to forging domestic and international collaborations in order to find solutions to aggressive diseases. The university remains at the forefront of advancements in animal health and biosecurity.


Rosowsky said that Kansas State University researchers are committed to domestic and international collaborations to find solutions to these aggressive diseases, and the university continues to be an international leader in animal health and biosecurity.


-      Farm Journal's Pork

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