August 22, 2022


More than one million farm animals vaccinated against FMD in Indonesia



As many as 1,589,144 farm animals have been vaccinated against foot and mouth disease (FMD) in Indonesia so far, according to data from the FMD Handling Task Force.


The task force data showed that the 1,589,144 farm animals comprise 1,505,113 heads of cattle, 23,460 buffaloes, 34,978 sheep, 15,090 goats and 10,503 pigs.


The task force reported that currently, 290 districts and cities in 24 provinces have been affected by the FMD outbreak. The total number of infected animals since the first case was confirmed in East Java on May 5, 2022, has so far touched 497,834 heads, comprising 473,019 cattle, 19,131 buffaloes, 1,728 sheep, 3,868 goats and 88 pigs.


Meanwhile, a total of 6,544 farm animals — 6,311 cattle, 140 buffaloes, 36 sheep, and 57 goats — have been reported dead.


According to the task force's data, the number of recovered animals has reached 341,353, comprising 324,424 heads of cattle, 13,201 buffaloes, 1,224 sheep, 2,467 goats and 37 pigs.


To check FMD transmission, the Ministry of Agriculture launched a vaccination programme for farm animals from Sidoarjo district, East Java, on June 14, 2022.


Earlier, the director of animal health at the Agriculture Ministry's Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health, Nuryani Zainuddin, informed that the government will import 14 million doses of the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) vaccine as part of the effort to curb FMD transmission in Indonesia.


"We are in the process of ordering 14 million vaccine doses," she said at an online press conference on August 18.


The vaccine doses are expected to arrive no later than October 2022, Zainuddin said adding, the vaccinations of farm animals will be accelerated.


Under its vaccination programme, the Indonesian government is aiming to inoculate healthy farm animals in regions that have been designated as outbreak regions, Zainuddin disclosed.


"Currently, there are 24 provinces that have been infected with FMD, so all of these provinces are targeted to get the vaccine," she said.



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