August 22, 2011


Ukraine gathers 34.1 million tonnes of crops



As of August 19, agricultural enterprises in Ukraine had harvested 34.1 million tonnes of early crops and legumes, said a spokesman of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food Supplies.


The crops were harvested from the area of 11.17 million hectares (9.97% of the forecast) within average yield of 30.6 centners per hectare (yield as of August 19, 2010 was 24.7 centners per hectare), about 37,000 hectares are yet to be harvested, including 17,000 hectares of wheat.


Winter and spring barley was harvested from 3.7 million hectares (99.9% of the forecast) in the volume of 9.4 million tonnes within the yield of 25.6 centners per hectare (in 2010 - 21.4 centners per hectare).


Winter and spring wheat was harvested from 6.7 million hectares (99.7%), 23.15 million tonnes was threshed within average yield of 34.7 centners per hectare (in 2010 - 28.5 centners per hectare).


600,000 tonnes of rye was harvested from the area of 278,000 hectares (99%) within the yield of 21.6 centners per hectare (in 2010 - 18.2 centners per hectare).


Besides, winter and spring rapeseed was harvested from the area of 817,000 hectares (96%), 1.4 million tonnes was threshed, the yield is 17.3 centners per hectare (in 2010 - 16.9 centners per hectare).


Rates of harvesting late grits are increasing: buckwheat has been harvested from 29,000 hectares (10% of forecast), 30,000 tonnes of crops have been threshed, the yield is 10.1 centners per hectare (in 2010 - 8.4 centners per hectare).


Millet was threshed on the area of 49,000 hectares (30% of the forecast), 92,000 tonnes of grain was obtained within the yield of 18,6 centners per hectare (in 2010 - 15.9)


In steppe area, early crops harvest was over, 99.6% was harvested in forests.


The correlation of bread and feed wheat is on average 70% to 30%.


As of August 15, agricultural enterprises harvested 33.7 million tonnes of spring grains and leguminous crops.

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