August 21, 2023


Cargill wins PDMA's 2023 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award




The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) named Cargill as a recipient of the 2023 Outstanding Corporate Innovator (OCI) Award on August 17.


The OCI award is granted to organisations that deliver sustained and quantifiable success. This includes new products, services and the practices which have contributed to that success.


Chosen for "always innovating with the customer in mind," Cargill has built a strong foundation for achieving and sustaining innovation success through a well-defined innovation strategy and a culture committed to reimagining what is possible for food and agriculture, the company said. With global teams committed to innovating with purpose, Cargill helps its customers and partners overcome their biggest challenges and seize their greatest opportunities.


"Customer-driven innovation can't happen without great innovators and strong partnerships," said Florian Schattenmann, chief technology officer and vice president of R&D and innovation at Cargill. "We're thrilled to receive this award and be recognised alongside so many other innovative companies. Cargill is a place where innovators can deliver lasting and meaningful impact on a global scale. We are proud of the culture we've built to innovate with purpose, empower our customers and deliver sustainable solutions that address many of the world's most pressing needs."


"Cargill's dedication to innovation and sustainability embody the evolving traits of a corporate innovator," said OCI committee chair Chris Swansegar. "They are developing and executing unique innovation practices - building upon the core business - while enabling disruptive opportunities to enter new markets and define new business models."

- Cargill

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