August 19, 2019


Tesco's new salmon feed standard welcomed by Veramaris




Veramaris welcomed Tesco PLC's move to strengthen its sustainability profile in the seafood sector as the supermarket giant recently updates its salmon standards with the aim of reducing the amount of wild-caught fish that is fed salmon in aquaculture.


The omega-3 fatty acids producer said in its August 14 press release that Tesco's decision "sends out a clear signal that sustainability is not tomorrow's issue, but today's."


Through its new salmon standard, Tesco is pushing salmon suppliers to incorporate the use of more sustainable feed ingredients like natural marine algal oil rich in omega-3 EPA and DHA.


As for Veramaris, the company expressed its readiness to "support the seafood industry's increasing efforts for improved sustainability and healthy nutrition with its natural marine algae oil." Veramaris' algal EPA+DHA omega-3 production facility in Blair, Nebraska, the United States, is currently in operation.


"Value chain collaboration and a forward-thinking mindset are key to implementing sustainable breakthrough technologies, such as omega-3 EPA & DHA rich algal oil. Tesco sets an example as a prime agent of change, helping to provide consumers with healthy and sustainable choices," said Karim Kurmaly, CEO of Veramaris.


"We are proud that algal oil rich in both omega 3 EPA & DHA in salmon feed contributes to a sustainable salmon that also supports both brain and heart health of the entire family."


- Veramaris