August 19, 2013


Peru's fishing industry reports 2.17% growth in June



Peru's fisheries sector grew 2.17% in June compared with the same month of 2012, as indicated in the report of the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI).


This increase was produced after three consecutive months during which there was a decline. According to statistics from the INEI, industrial fishing grew 6.49% while the one destined for direct human consumption (DHC) fell by 0.16%.


The agency has determined that the observed growth in June was due to an increase in anchovy (6.49%) landing for the industrial processing of fishmeal and fish oil (indirect consumption).


Meanwhile, the production of fisheries for DHC fell as a result of lower sales of frozen products and despite the progress of 10.76% of the consumption of fresh products.


The report notes that the production of the fisheries sector began the year with a growth of 6.5% in January and 1.3% in February, but in March and April negative results were recorded: 20.4% and 9.7%, respectively.


According to INEI, anchovy presented a wide latitudinal distribution with an important fishing area between Malabrigo and Pucusana, and in front of Bahía Independencia in Pisco.


In the south zone, the anchovy fishery was concentrated in front of Ático and Mollendo.