Livestock & Feed Bussiness Worldwide: August 2023

Sustaining Fish Farming: Improved Diets, Reducing Environmental Impacts & Other Interventions
Eliminating fishmeal and fish oil from fish feed can lead to more sustainable diets in aquaculture production - but it's also important they do not come at the expense of fish growth and health.
Furthermore, the science of welloptimised fish diets is more than just rejecting dietary sources of an unsustainable nature. The factors connected to this issue are internal as well as external.
Of note, even if diets do not pose a direct challenge to sustainability and aquatic Sustaining Fish Farming: Improved Diets, Reducing Environmental Impacts & Other Interventions animals, specific water environments could. In this issue, dsm-firmenich considers the impacts on water quality in aquaculture production and offers solutions to improve both dietary digestibility and reduction of nitrogen compounds (pages 8-9). "Probiotics can help in improving water quality and maximising survival and growth, while also reducing the need for lengthy and often expensive manual organic sediment removal between production cycles," Fabio Cervellione and Louise Buttle write.
With its interest in modifying aquatic animal diets for better outcomes, Angel Yeast focuses on glutathione that, "in addition to its effect on the growth and development of aquaculture animals," can "also serves as an antioxidant and detoxifier" (pages 10-11). "Establishing quality standards and a regulatory system, developing multiple application forms and strengthening scientific research and application promotion are key to the further development of glutathione in aquaculture," An Fenghe write.
When the aforementioned actions and other targeted approaches to fish diets and environments are implemented, aquaculture production and sustainability can evolve in more ways than previously imagined.
The full article is published on the August 2023 issue of LIVESTOCK & FEED Business. To read the full report, please email to to request for a complimentary copy of the magazine, indicating your name, mailing address and title of the report.
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