August 18, 2015


Belaya Ptica to build feed mill in Russia's Kursk Oblast



In the next two years, Belaya Ptica, a Russian agricultural holding, will establish a new feed mill capable of producing close to 260,000 tonnes of feed yearly. The company hopes to achieve self-sufficiency in high-quality feed production when the plant, to be located in the Kursk Oblast of Russia, is completed.


Along with the feed mill, grain storage facilities will also be set up and could hold 127,000 tonnes of grain per year. "We're looking at the Gorshechensky and Kastorensky areas (of Kursk Oblast) for this, where we already have our own production units," said Dmitri Avelcov, the general director of Belaya Ptica.


For the project, state support will be provided to Belaya Ptica. The total cost of the new plant is estimated to be up to US$41.2 million, according to Avelcov.


The Russian Union of Feed Producers had recently commented that the involvement of Russian agricultural holdings in feed production projects will be the pivotal element in the expansion of the industry. Such forays will need significant amount of feed for new projects in poultry and pig farming which are getting favourable support from Russia following EU-Russian trade sanctions resulting in local food shortages.

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