August 17, 2023


Bangladesh considers support to poultry feed production




Bangladesh's Ministry of Commerce is considering providing policy support to poultry feed production to maintain chicken and egg prices at an affordable range.


The Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission (BTTC) has been tasked with scrutinising the factors behind the poultry feed price surge and suggesting potential policy interventions through a tariff structure review.


Further steps will be taken based on the findings presented by BTTC's evaluation, according to sources.


The decision was taken during a meeting of the national committee on commodity price review on August 16. BTTC is expected to submit the report within the next 10 working days, sources said.


According to sources, the issue of chicken and egg prices was discussed during the meeting. Analysis has revealed that if the price of poultry feed is reduced, the price of these products will also come down. BTTC has been entrusted with exploring strategies to achieve this goal.


The Trading Corporation of Bangladesh has reported a 12.50% price increase in eggs within one month. Likewise, broiler chicken prices have also risen by the same percentage over the course of a month.


In an official announcement, the Ministry of Animal Resources said that the production cost per egg in poultry farms should be maintained at Tk10.50 (US$0.10), while the retail market price should not surpass Tk12 (US$0.11). To foster market stability, the Ministry of Commerce proposed the possibility of importing eggs if required. Following this announcement, there was a modest decline in prices.

-  The Business Standard

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