August 17, 2022


Cobb-Vantress' Cobb500™ "first broiler" to be imported into Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyz Broiler has selected Cobb-Vantress' Cobb500™ broiler to be the first broiler parents to be imported into Kyrgyzstan.


The partnership furthers Cobb-Vantress' commitment to expansion and serving more markets worldwide.


Currently, Kyrgyzstan is about 15-20% self-sufficient in poultry meat production, with the rest of the chicken meat being imported from neighboring countries Ukraine and Kazakhstan. With its latest investment in the Cobb500 broiler, Kyrgyz Broiler will continue its domestic growth.


In recent years, the government of Kyrgyzstan has supported the company in becoming the country's first commercial company to start producing local chicken meat and is encouraging it to expand.


"This is a tremendous opportunity to expand and bring quality broiler meat to a new and growing market," said Abdullah Vahab, business manager for Cobb Europe. "We're happy to be doing business with Kyrgyz Broiler and we're committed to providing quality products across the globe."


Based in Kyrgyzstan's capital city of Bishkek, Kyrgyz Broiler doesn't sell any hatching eggs or day-old chicks to the market. It supplies fresh chicken meat to the market, whole chickens and chicken parts such as breasts and wings to the market.


- Cobb

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