August 17, 2017
South Korea goes on full suspension against tainted eggs
The tainted egg scare in Europe has now hit South Korea and - in what has been described as a unprecedented move - major Korean retailers, convenience store chains and online services will suspend egg sales nationwide.
The development came after the South Korean government warned of insecticide-tainted eggs.
E-mart, one of the country biggest retail companies, has not buy eggs from a farm which is alleged to have ship contaminated eggs, a spokesperson said. Nonghyup's Hanaro Mart, which has 2,120 branches in South Korea, will cease all egg sales. The suspension is also implemented by Internet shopping sites Coupang and Wemakeprice for online retail of eggs.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, a farm in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province was discovered to have delivered eggs tainted with fipronil - the insecticide now at the centre of tainted eggs scandal in Europe. The government will track eggs delivered from that area and plans to recall and discard all of them.  
Fipronil is used to fight lice, fleas and ticks, but a hazardous dose of the chemical can damage the liver, kidney and thyroid gland over time, according to the World Health Organisation.

Another insecticide, bfenthrin, was found to be applied in above-recommended amounts at another egg farm in Gwangju Gyeonggi Province.

In response to the current situation, the South Korean government has suspended all egg deliveries from local farms with at least 3,000 chickens. Inspections are also carried out on egg farms across the country.
Major farms with more than 200,000 hens are specifically targeted for screening in order to reduce supply disruptions, according to an official. Local farms are also expected to "resume supplying 25% of the normal supply level" this week.
Meanwhile, farms that have no fipronil detected in their eggs will be allowed to continue shipments.

- The Korea Herald