August 17, 2015
France exports 132,000 tonnes of poultry to non-EU countries in Jan-May 2015

France is the biggest EU exporter of poultry to countries outside the bloc during the January-May period of 2015, with a volume of 132,000 tonnes.

This is followed by the Netherlands with 110,300 tonnes, Poland with 72,500 tonnes, and Belgium with 54,700 tonnes.

The largest non-EU markets that are receiving poultry from the bloc are South Africa, Benin, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

The poultry trade to Russia had declined close to nil, due to last year's sanctions over the Ukrainian-Crimea territorial crisis.

Exports from Germany, the UK and the Netherlands are also affected by trade restrictions as bird flu outbreaks had struck these countries.

In the commodity structure, 86% of EU’s poultry exports are chicken while sales outside the bloc had rose by 0.3% to about 475,000 tonnes.