August 17, 2012


Russia harvested 27.9 million tonnes wheat as of August 16



Russia harvested 27.9 million tonnes of wheat throughout the areas of 12.8 million hectares (52% of the plan), with the average yield of 21.8 centners/hectare as of August 16, 2012.


Petr Chekmarev, Director of the Department of crop production, chemisation and plant protection of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation added that as of the reporting date, the Russian Federation harvested barley throughout the areas of 5.1 million hectares (57% of the harvested areas), and produced 9.7 million tonnes of grains (in 2011 - 8.8 million tonnes) with the average yield of 19.2 centners/hectare (c/ha) (in 2011 - 24.2 c/ha).


Nikolai Fedorov, Minister of Agriculture of Russia, also highlighted organisation of the harvesting campaign in the Central Federal District. The District already harvested grains and leguminous crops throughout the areas of 5.3 million hectares - 70.9% of the plan, and agrarians produced nearly 14.4 million tonnes of grains (in 2011 - 11.9 million tonnes). The average yield totalled 27.1 c/ha (in 2011 - 25.6 c/ha).


As of August 16, agrarians of Russia planted winter crops for grain and green fodder throughout 83,300 hectares, which is only slightly down compared to the indicator on the same date last year (in 2011 - 84,700 hectares).


The harvest of winter crops covers nearly one third of the general harvest volumes in the country, concluded the Minister.

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