Adisseo is bringing together the latest information in nutritional recommendations and values into a unique platform called NESTOR.

There are two key elements for nutritional formulation: knowing the animal’s needs in the most accurate possible way; and knowing precisely the value of the feedstuffs for animals.

NESTOR provides nutritional recommendations (in relation to net energy, digestible amino acids and minerals to adapt them within specific conditions based on rearing period, sex, age and breed) for poultry and swine. It also provides nutritional values for raw materials in proximate, energy, digestible amino acids and minerals. With these two sets of data, formulation in net energy using NESTOR becomes easier.

NESTOR provides:

    - Ready-to-use science: With NESTOR, users can find all the updated information on the nutritional recommendations and values to formulate. All shared data are supported by a supportive scientific board composed of eminent experts on energy topics;

    - A step further in formulation accuracy: Users can utilise recommendations which match the real needs of animals and are adaptable depending on breeding conditions;

    - Support to better associate nutritional values and performance: Users can thus optimise the use of feed for animal performance;

    - Net energy formulation for more sustainable livestock production by reducing waste and allowing the best use of alternative feedstuffs.

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