August 14, 2020


Macau stops imports from Brazilian exporter with COVID-19 frozen chicken wings


The Macau Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) said they have stopped frozen poultry imports from a Brazilian exporter after China reported traces of COVID-19 coronavirus in their frozen chicken wings at Shenzhen, Macau News reported.


The exporter was not named. However, Chinese language radio channel Ou Mun Tin Toi, owned by public broadcaster TDM acknowledged the exporter as Aurora Alimentos.


Shenzhen recently reported a positive COVID-19 coronavirus trace on a shipment of frozen chicken wings, with local health authorities conducting tests on all people who were in contact with the shipment. All tested negative.


IAM was alerted to the case and reported that Macau last received shipments from the exporter on June 17.


According to IAM's statement, Macau's previous imports from the Brazilian exporter included frozen chicken and chicken thighs but did not include frozen chicken wings.


IAM added that all frozen meat from the exporter will be suspended to safeguard public health, even though the exporter confirmed all shipped frozen foods were COVID-19 free.


IAM inspectors had conducted random tests on frozen food imports from Argentina, Brazil, Spain and he United States on 30 to 100 frozen products daily. Over 1,000 frozen foods have been tested for COVID-19.


All workers who come into contact with frozen food imports, including wholesalers and retailers, are also tested for COVID-19.


Chuang Shuk-kwan, a spokeswoman for the Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection said meat is safe for consumption after being cooked thoroughly, adding that people should not touch their eyes and mouth after touching frozen meat.


-      Macau News

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