August 14, 2019


Tesco aims to replace fish oil with algal oil in salmon supply chain



Tesco has been working with the supermarket giant's salmon suppliers to promote the use of algal oil as an alternative to fish oil, Government Europa reported.

The sourcing of algal oil could reduce the need to farm fish for their oil, thus mitigating pressure on marine ecosystems. In fact, based on early trials, algal oil was shown to deliver a similar or an even better nutritional benefit compared with fish oil.

Suppliers have been testing the substitution, and Tesco aims to replace fish oil across its entire supply chain as part of its Little Helps Plan programme. The sustainability initiative seeks to address key sustainability challenges in the supply chain.


The Wildlife Fund foor Nature's (WWF) UK division has voiced support for Tesco's efforts "to reduce the use of fish oil in their salmon feed," said its seafood and aquaculture specialist, Piers Hart.


"WWF has been working on alternative raw materials in animal feeds, including fish feeds, for some time and identified the potential of algal oils early on. The production of ingredients for feeds has significant impacts in regard to land use, water use and greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change and biodiversity loss."


Nigel Edwards, corporate social responsibility director at fish supplier Seachill, noted that the salmon sector has expanded rapidly over the past three decades, "with huge steps forward in feed efficiency and farming technology."


He added: " grow further, the industry needs novel sustainable sources of omega-3 oils, which are essential to both fish and human health. Algal oils are a natural solution and we are proud to work with the leading innovative salmon farmers and their partner feed producers to encourage investment in them and increase their use."


- Government Europa