August 13, 2020


China reports positive COVID-19 detection in chicken wings from Brazil


Frozen chicken wings imported into Shenzhen port tested positive for COVID-19, according to the city government and raising concerns that food shipments could instigate new outbreaks, Reuters reported.


A surface sample of the chicken wings were tested by Shenzhen disease control centres. This was conducted as part of routine screenings on imports of meat and seafood into China which began in June, after a major COVID-19 outbreak was detected in Beijing's Xinfadi wholesale food centre.


The new detection comes after COVID-19 causing coronavirus traces were discovered on Ecuador frozen shrimp.


Health authorities in Shenzhen traced and tested all people who may have been in contact with the contaminated food products. All test results were negative.


A China-based official at a Brazilian meat exporter said it is difficult to pinpoint when the frozen chicken was infected.


The Shenzhen Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters said precautions must be taken by the public to prevent the risk of infections from meat and seafood that are imported.


China had also imposed bans on meat imports from several meat plants in Brazil and other countries since June.


Li Fengqin, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment microbiology lab head said in June that there could be a possibility of COVID-19 infecting frozen food.


However, there is no strong evidence that COVID-19 coronavirus can be spread via frozen food.


-      Reuters

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