August 13, 2013


Vietnam exported over US$518 million of pangasius in Jan-May 2013 


During the first five months of 2013, Vietnam's top 20 pangasius exporters reported sales of US$518.7 million, accounting for 61% of the total value of pangasius exports, at US$849.5 million, according to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP).


Vinh Hoan Corp remains the leading tra exporter with a revenue of US$85.5 million. It was followed by Agifish as the second largest tra exporter with US$62.9 million and Hung Vuong Corp in the third place with US$39.9 million.

Navico remained in the fourth place with US$37.2 million while I.D.I Corp generated US$35.1 million and Anvifish Co, with US$27.8 million.


Caseamex came seventh with US$26.7 million, followed by Dathaco with US$22.7 million. CL-Fish Corp came in with US$21.5 million. Hunga Co., Ltd kept the 10th position, since it sold US$20.9 million worth of pangasius abroad.


In June, Vietnam's pangasius export value went up by 4.9% from the same period in 2012, reaching US$140.6 million. The sales of the EU and of US represented almost half of the total value of Vietnamese pangasius exports.


The US remained the main importer of Vietnamese tra, making for 23.2% of the total (a fall of 3.1% on-year), representing 23.2% of the total. The EU was positioned second, with a participation of 23%. The union imported pangasius for US$32.3 million (a fall of 5.3% on-year). In the period between January and June, the US bought Vietnamese pangasius for US$202.7 million, taking up 23.9% of the total sales, up by 12.8%.


Meanwhile, the EU imported US$32.3 million worth of tra, which constituted 22.5% of the total sales with a 14% dive compared to the same period of 2012. The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) imported US$10.1 million worth of tra in June, taking up 7.2% of the market, up by 8.5%. Vietnamese pangasius imports in the first six months of the year reached US$62.7 million (up 15.4%).


Brazil followed with sales of US$8.7 million in June (6.2% of the total), indicating an increase of 140.8%. In January-June, Brazil imported US$51.7 million worth of tra (up 77.3%), and Mexico, with US$51.4 million (up 9.8%).


China and Hong Kong followed with exports of US$8 million in June (5.7% of the total), 72.7% higher than in June 2012. In the first six-month period, tra imports totalled US$40.2 million, up by 21.5% compared to the period of January-June 2012.


Saudi Arabia followed with exports of US$4.4 million in June, down by 12.5% and US$27.7 million in January-June, which represented a rise of 6.5% on-year.


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