August 13, 2012


Ukraine's 2012 wheat output down to 16.3 million tonnes



From 22.3 million tonnes in 2011, Ukraine, which has almost completed its 2012 wheat harvest, dropped its output to 16.3 million tonnes bunker weight.


Ukrainian farms had harvested 7.1 million tonnes of barley this year compared with 9.2 million tonnes in 2011, it said.


The yield of wheat and barley were affected by a record drought during the 2011 winter grain sowing which gave way to severe frosts in January and February, the ministry said.


Grain fields faced temperatures of up to 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 Fahrenheit) in parts of the country in early August, which could hit its corn production, a weather forecaster said.


The government says Ukraine, which harvested a record 56.7 million tonnes of grain in 2011, is likely to bring in about 45 million tonnes of grain this year -- enough to meet local needs of 26 million tonnes.


The government expects the former Soviet republic to have an exportable surplus of 21-23 million tonnes of grain in the current agricultural year, including five million tonnes of wheat and 12.7 million tonnes of corn.


Ukraine exported 21.8 million tonnes of grain in the 2011-12 season, including 5.2 million tonnes of wheat, 13.5 million tonnes of corn and 2.5 million tonnes of barley.