August 13, 2007


Ukraine meat producers want halt on grain exports to be continued



Ukrainian meat producers have called for a suspension of grain exports in the 2007/08 marketing year to ensure adequate grain supplies at home, head of the Poultry Farmers Association Oleksandr Bakumenko told a press-conference on Friday (Aug 10).


Ukraine decided to halt grain exports in June to replenish domestic grain stocks, which have been affected by the drought in the country, the Ukrainian News Digest reported.


Media reports indicate the country is likely to resume grain exports in October.


The country needs to ensure grain exports will not affect cattle breeding and bread production, Bakumenko said. According to Volodymyr Slabovskyi, head of the Ukrainian bakers' association, the country will face a deficit in cereals, meat and eggs and force grain prices to rise at least US$150 a tonne if it renews grain exports.

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