August 13, 2003



Japan's Consumption Of Locally-Produced Beef In June Was 9% Higher Than Pre-BSE Level


Only 76,500 tons of beef was consumed in Japan during the month of June 2003. Compared to June last year, consumption has increased by 12% but it is still 14% below pre-BSE levels (June 2001). 


 Imported beef continues to bear the brunt of lower beef consumption levels, with consumption of imported beef 24% below pre-BSE levels. Significantly, consumption of domestic beef is 9% higher than pre-BSE levels. 


In the year to June, consumption of beef was down 13% compared with pre-BSE levels, with domestic consumption down 3% and imported down 18%.


Consumption of pork continues to strengthen, increasing 7% year on year to 129,647 tons. 


Consumption of pork has been the major beneficiary of the downturn in beef consumption, with consumption of pork in the year to June up 6% compared with the same period in 2001. 


Chicken consumption was stable compared with June 2002, and down 1% compared with pre-BSE levels.  However, in the year to June, chicken consumption marginally improved, by 2%, compared with 2002 and 3% compared with 2001.


The Japanese market for meat has been disrupted, not only by consumer concerns about disease and integrity in labeling, but also by safeguard mechanisms which have affected prices.


Source: Meat & Livestock Association, Australia
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