August 11, 2022


Avivagen announces significant order of OxC-betaTMin Brazil



Avivagen Inc. announced recently that it has secured a significant order for OxC-beta™ from AB Vista.


The 1.2 tonne order of OxC-beta™ will be shipped for use in Brazil, where AB Vista is running ongoing trials with several large poultry and cattle producers.


"We are excited to be making further inroads into one of the world's largest feed production markets," said Kym Anthony, chief executive officer of Avivagen. "The large size of this order is a testament to the growing demand for safe and effective alternatives to antibiotics and the market opportunity for our products.


"We expect this important relationship with AB Vista will continue to play a significant role in the increased adoption and use of OxC-beta™ to promote animal health and growth in livestock throughout the Americas."


Brazil was ranked as the number three feed-producing country in the world in the 2022 Alltech Agri-Food Outlook, producing 80.1 million tonnes in 2021.


AB Vista is the exclusive distribution partner for OxC-beta™ in the United States, Brazil and Thailand.

- Avivagen

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