August 11, 2021


Cobb connects with more than 4,000 customers worldwide in latest webinar series



More than 4,000 customers worldwide have joined Cobb Europe's latest webinar series.


Cobb experts in hatchery, ventilation and health shared valuable knowledge and recommendations throughout the series. Attendees of the most recent webinar series specially requested these topics, so Cobb featured them from April to June.


"Even when physical visits are not possible, Cobb's talented technical team of specialists still finds ways to reach customers with priority topics through informative webinar sessions," said Paul Welten, senior technical services team manager and breeder specialist at Cobb Europe. "We are thankful we were able to engage with so many of our customers around the world in all 12 of our weekly sessions."


Experts from the Cobb Europe team and the Cobb World Tech Services team shared guidance with customers on topics such as warm weather ventilation, egg quality, hatchery troubleshooting and biosecurity.


Throughout the series, Cobb experts answered more than 740 questions from customers, helping to solve management concerns around the globe.


- Cobb

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