August 11, 2020


13 US senators urge USTR to remove tariffs on EU foods


13 United States senators asked the US Trade Representative's Office (USTR) to do away with a 25% imposed tariff on food from the European Union, Reuters reported.


The tariffs were imposed on EU-produced pork sausage, Italian cheese and French salami, among other food, wine and spirits as a retaliation towards EU subsidies on large aircraft.  


The letter to the USTR said the increased costs of goods have resulted in severe economic hardship to US importers, distributors, retailers, grocers and restaurants.


The letter was signed by seven Republican senators and six Democratic senators, including Robert Menendez, John Barrasso, Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, Dianne Feinstein,Kyrsten Sinema, Pat Toomey, and Cory Booker.


The letter also said importers and distributors are stuck with months' worth of tariff-imposed products, many of which are perishable, in storage or currently being shipped.


The USTR did not provide a comment.


In 2019, the United States was authorised to impose tariffs on up to US$7.5 billion in EU goods by the World Trade Organisation.


-      Reuters