August 11, 2020


Survey by Oklahoma State University examines impact of cattle calving date


Oklahoma State University (OSU) is inviting beef cow-calf operators, veterinarians and feedlot operators of the US stateto participate in an online survey focusing on the impact of calving date from time management, economic and animal health standpoints.

"We are integrating information from producers, veterinarians and feedlot operators to get the full picture, which will be helpful information for our beef producers across the state," says Courtney Bir, OSU Extension agricultural economist and research team member.

The surveys will be available to potential participants through September 30.Participation is voluntary and responses will be kept anonymous.Each survey typically takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Beef cattle are the most profitable agricultural industry in Oklahoma. The OSU researchers say it is important producers continue to advance their operations while adopting best management practices, and knowledge gained through research is essential to that continuing effort.

Cheryl DeVuyst, head of the Department of Agricultural Economics, says, "Such research not only strengthens affected individuals and industries and the overall state economy, it also helps us train the next generation of researchers who will be so vital in helping people solve issues and concerns of importance to them, their families and their communities."

The links to the survey are available on the OSU website:

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