August 11, 2020


Einhamar Seafood to install Marel's FleXicut system


Einhamar Seafood has purchased Marel's FleXicut system that will be installed at the company's processing plant in Grindavík, Iceland, Marel announced last month.

With FleXicut, Einhamar will raise levels of automation in its production, improving both its processes and the outcome of final products.

The new system will automate two vital processes for the company: detection and portioning. X-ray technology detects pin bones before water jets cut the fillet to remove the bones and knives portion the fillets based on customer orders.

The FleXicut system includes the FleXisort distribution system. Einhamar will also install the FleXitrim pre-trimming flowline.

Einhamar owners Stefán Kristjánsson and Helena Sandra Antonsdóttir said the FleXicut and FleXitrim will help them meet high demand, particularly in summer when the workload is heaviest.

"Our aim is to increase our production capacity, reduce overtime work and increase yield," said Kristjánsson.

Marel and Einhamar Seafood have worked in close partnership since 2005. This latest installation marked the third Marel system Einhamar Seafood install at their processing plant. The FleXicut and FleXitrim will be fully integrated with Einhamar Seafood's existing Marel systems. The machinery is controlled by Marel's Innova Food Processing Software, which displays processing data in real time, giving managers full overview and control over production.

The system answers Einhamar's call for sustainable processing, as flexible cutting patterns by FleXicut and the interconnected software minimise waste with every fillet, Marel said.

Einhamar general manager Alda Agnes Gylfadóttir said she looks forward to serving customers more efficiently throughout the year.

"The throughput of the plant will be (even) more; we will minimise fluctuations and improve overall efficiency in our production. If the system allows us to improve yield and capacity while reducing overtime work, then we can call the latest addition to our processing plant a success," she said.


Einhamar Seafood and Marel signed an agreement last month for the installation of the system scheduled for this November.

- Marel