August 11, 2008


EU lifts ban on chicken imports from China's Shandong province

The EU has lifted a four-year ban on poultry imports from China's Shandong province.

The ban was originally imposed due to bird flu concerns. The lifting of the ban applies only Shandong, China's largest poultry meat producer. About 10 percent of China's total poultry meat production came from Shandong in 2006.


This decision is said to be a watered-down version of a ban implemented in February 2004 to protect the EU from bird flu. The decision was made after the EU authorities found that Shandong's poultry producers are now treating poultry meat at the required heat to ensure that the bird flu virus does not spread. 


The ban remains in place for all other 29 Chinese provinces, and covers poultry meat, meat preparations, pet food and eggs.

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