August 10, 2023


Lallemand: Research presentations help move silage science forward at conference in Beijing, China




A delegation of global silage experts are converging in Beijing, China, this week for the XIX International Silage Conference, which makes its debut in Asia.


Lallemand is supporting the event as a Platinum sponsor and exhibitor.


Lallemand Animal Nutrition contributed seven publications (posters and oral) at the event, and many academic publications involve Lallemand microbial strains — a mark of Lallemand's significant impact in the realm of silage research.


Good forage quality doesn't necessarily result in good silage quality, which is where Lallemand solutions can help farmer's control their forage plans and reduce feed costs. The research presented at the conference will help achieve these real-world goals with insights into forage fermentation and preservation using a unique combination of Lentibacillus hilgardii CNCM I-4785 and Lentibacillus NCIMB 40788 technologies, Lallemand said.


Luis Queiros, global category manager (forage additives), said: "Our most recent and significant discovery is a new heterofermentative strain, Lentibacillus hilgardii CNCM I-4785, which, combined with the well-known Lactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788 strain, allows for higher aerobic stability. It works in both a longer fermentation period and also within a very short fermentation period, like 15 days — increasing farmer's flexibility in the moment of opening bunkers. This strain research took us more than 10 years, which shows the strong commitment Lallemand has to science and our customers."


An oral presentation of new data, "Methodological milestones in assessing silage inoculants effects: Examples with a Lentilactobacillus hilgardii-based technology" will also be shared by  Global Applied R&D manager Eric Chevaux.


Posters presented at the XIX ISC authored by Lallemand Animal Nutrition team and partners include:


    - "The need for additional measurements besides the standard silage analysis to evaluate the effect of a biological inoculant on high dry matter grass silage bales on farm," by  Küchenmeister F., Marthold D., Füller J., Moritz N. and Demey V.;


    - "Hygienic value of barley and wheat straw under good harvest and storage conditions," by  Küchenmeister F. and Rahn S.;


    - "Use of chemical additive to improve feed quality and hygienic value of wheat and barley straw," by Küchenmeister F. and Rahn S.;

    - "Density and oxygen levels in corn and grass silage bunkers evaluated during the 2021 campaign in France," by Villot C., Malblanc L., Delforge J., Queiros L . and Chevaux E.;

    - "Impact of air stress (AirS) during storage on grass silage fermentation profile and aerobic stability," by Villot C., Demey V., Joulié I., Chevaux E. and Castex M.;


    - "Effect of the combination of hetero and homolactic acid bacteria and enzymes on fermentation, nutritional value and aerobic stability of grass silage," by Villot C., Demey V., Joulié I., Chevaux E. and Castex M.


For more than two decades, Lallemand Animal Nutrition has made substantial investments in silage research, pioneering the development of innovative solutions to advance silage preservation and enhance farmers' profitability.


Notably, Lallemand is at the forefront of employing cutting-edge technologies like OMICS science to better understand the fermentation processes central to silage preservation, the company said.


- Lallmand

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