August 10, 2022


Australia's financial package to help Indonesia fight FMD and lumpy skin disease



Australia has announced a new $10 million biosecurity cooperation package to assist Indonesia as it responds to the outbreaks of both foot and mouth disease (FMD) and lumpy skin disease (LSD).


The package announced by Australia's Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Murray Watt, at the National Press Club on August 9, will see Australia supply additional vaccinations, as well as technical and advisory support to strengthen Indonesia's biosecurity measures.


Australia will deliver personal protective equipment and disinfectants, train staff on the ground and provide biosecurity expertise to tackle these outbreaks.


Watt said one of the ways to prevent any outbreak in Australia was to assist the Indonesian government in their efforts to stop the spread of FMD.


"This package includes $4 million for the purchase of both FMD and LSD vaccines," Watt said. "This is on top of support already announced for Indonesia, which included one million doses of FMD vaccine and almost half a million doses of LSD vaccine already committed by the Australian government.


"The Indonesian government will direct these vaccines to the areas of the country that need them the most. We've also included seed funding so Indonesia can get a livestock identification system up and running."


Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Penny Wong said the package was another demonstration of the close partnership between Australia and Indonesia.


"Indonesia is one of our closest neighbours and partners in the region and the Australian government wants to offer whatever help we can at this time," Wong said. "Safeguarding the biosecurity of our region is a shared concern and this package will build on our longstanding health cooperation including through the Australia Indonesia Health Security Partnership.


"We are committed to working together to respond to this common threat."


- Minister for Foreign Affairs (Australia)

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