August 10, 2021


Cattle Council chief executive notes Australian beef producers' role in improving sustainability



Australian beef producers' work to cut greenhouse gas emissions can help secure a more sustainable future for the global industry.


According to Cattle Council chief executive officer Travis Tobin, the work of Australian beef producers was improving sustainability both at home and overseas.


This effort was noted as the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change has warned global temperatures are rising faster than expected.


"Beef producers have long understood the realities of climate change; that's why we've been taking real action to address it for years, said Tobin. "Australian producers are impacted by the effects of climate change first-hand and take this report seriously.


"Our producers should be extremely proud of their work to cut greenhouse gasses. The Australian beef industry and broader red meat sector have the nation's most ambitious target to reach net-zero emissions, and a plan to achieve it. Every year, we invest millions into the science that will get us there."


Tobin added: "Through genetics, pasture species, feed additives and management practices, we're making our production systems more efficient, which has already cut our emissions by more than half since 2005. Our success to date has come from our producers choosing to do what they believe is right.


"Beef producers manage 79% of Australia's agricultural land, which puts the industry in the position to be part of the solution to Australia's broader climate targets."


Tobin further noted: "We have the capacity, not only to get to net-zero, but to offset the emissions of other industries. Some producers are already doing this and using their land to create carbon credits.


"A low carbon future should be a productive and profitable future for Australian beef producers. As a leader in sustainable beef production and member of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, we are committed to working with all Australians and the international community to help overcome our collective climate challenges."


- Queensland Country Life