Livestock & Feed Bussiness Worldwide: August 2018

Appetite for more: Exploring Asia's demand for meat
Writing for current affairs magazine The Diplomat, Arve Hansen relates to an anecdote in which Vietnamese residents complain about having "too much meat" in a local dish. The otherwise lighthearted sentiment points to the rising affluence of a Southeast Asian country once wrecked by a  two-decade war in the 20th century.

"Meat is for many Vietnamese a defining part of progress," Hansen aptly opines. And, if Vietnam's story has something promising to describe Asians' appetite for meat, consumption in Asia will continue to rise, supported by population growth, rising incomes and urbanisation.

Notwithstanding, there will be challenges for meat exporters serving the region. Asian countries are disparate by their differences in income, culture and religion - factors which influence dietary practices in one way or another.

Thus, in this issue, we will look into the various countries defining Asia's meat consumption trends.
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