August 9, 2012


India to launch fertiliser plant in Sri Lanka



A fertiliser plant in Eppawela in Anuradhapura district of Sri Lanka is to be opened by NPKFertiliser Plant of India.


President of the SAARC chamber of Commerce Vikramajith Singh Sahney, who is now in Sri Lanka, has said that Sri Lankan officials have shown a favourable response in this regard.


He said that they are looking at a joint venture and India is ready to invest around US$3 million to increase the capacity of the existing plant in Eppawela.


Lanka Phosphate Limited presently produces Single Super Phosphate (SSP) and Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) at the Eppawela plant.


However the capacity of the plant is insufficient to meet the annual country demand of 75,000 tonnes of phosphate.


The Indian company plans to increase the production and export the surplus.