August 9, 2007


Hainan hit record livestock and poultry exports to Hong Kong



The province of Hainan in southern China has directly exported more than 60 million heads of pigs and 160,000 heads of Wenchang chickens to Hong Kong in the first half of 2007, setting new historic records, according to latest statistics released by Hainan Province's Animal Husbandry Bureau.


The province also exported Dongshan lambs, a famous local specialty, to Hong Kong for the first time. The Hainan Ruijin pig slaughtering and processing plant, with a total investment exceeding RMB100 million is currently under construction while the Hainan Luoniushan Wenchang Chicken Processing Plant and the Hainan Rongzi Wenchang Chicken Processing Plant will upgrade their technologies and establish livestock product processing systems meeting international standards.