August 8, 2022


AHDB: EU pig meat production up 1.3% in May



Pig meat production in the European Union totaled 1.9 million tonnes in May, up 1.3% compared to a year earlier, the United Kingdom's Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) reported on August 5.


Throughput was also up year-on-year, with just over 20 million pigs sent through abattoirs. This is a reversal in the trends recorded since the beginning of the year, and the first year-on-year increase in monthly pig meat production since November 2021.


The growth came mainly from France, Spain, and Denmark where pig meat production was up by 8.5%, 2.8% and 7.9% respectively. Italy and the Netherlands also saw a reversal of trend, with production up on the year after recording drops in the first four months of the year. Germany remained below previous year levels, but by a smaller deficit than earlier in the year.


Year-to-date pig meat production in the EU reached 9.5 million tonnes by May, 3.8% below the same period last year. This is in line with the latest EU short term outlook, which predicts a 4% drop in production for the calendar year. High input costs remain an issue, and while prices are at relatively high levels, they have leveled off in recent weeks.


Farm margins are therefore expected to remain under pressure, while environmental concerns, reduced exports to China and African swine fever will also weigh on markets.


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