August 8, 2018


Marine Harvest's innovative salmon farms to answer aquaculture challenges


Marine Harvest plans to build a new kind of salmon farm that would overcome aquaculture challenges, namely sea lice infestations, virus transfer and fish escapes.

These farms will be set up in Norway, where new technologies will be tested and determined if they can be used in Canada's British Columbia province and around the world, Vancouver Sun reported.

The sites are ocean-based closed containment and semi-closed facilities that would not require the huge amount of energy land-based systems demand. In addition, the farms would separate farmed salmon from wild ones.

Marine Harvest has sought from the Norwegian government development licenses which would enable the company to establish the farms without footing the cost of a commercial farm license, said Ola Helge Hjetland, a spokesman for Marine Harvest Group.

Innovations at the farms include the Marine Donut, a closed, escape-proof farm which shields farmed fish from sea lice and pathogens. The semi-closed tank extends 40 metres below the water surface.

Jeremy Dunn, Marine Harvest Canada's spokesman, pointed out to "strong government support" which helps the company in conducting its R&D in Norway.

"...any technology that proves itself sustainable and efficient, we would certainly look at (in British Columbia)," he said. "When these technologies are proven to work, they are quickly deployed and adopted all over the world."

- Vancouver Sun

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