A new silage additive from BASF, Lupro-Cid® NA, can help dairy farmers in Japan prepare and store 'excellent' silage
even under challenging weather and storage conditions.®

The low-corrosive organic acid product, launched recently, also makes silage production easier and safer.

The quality of silage feed depends on the ensiling process, during which lactic acid bacteria multiply. This leads to the creation of fermentation products which preserve the silage, thus maintaining its quality. Lupro-Cid NA is a blend of buffered formic acid and propionic acid: formic acid is effective in controlling butyric acid fermentation, and propionic acid is effective against mould formation and aerobic deterioration.

"Excellent quality silage is crucial to keep dairy cows productive. BASF's organic acids help dairy farmers protect the quality of their feed in a safe, easy way," said Tomoyoshi Kajiura, local business representative (Nutrition & Health) of BASF Japan. "We aim to make the best use of our organic acid products to further improve dairy farming in Japan."

Japan is one of the largest markets for silage additives in Asia Pacific.

The Ministry of Agriculture in Japan has set a target to raise the self-sufficiency rate of roughage in Japan, including silage, to 100% by 2025.

Among the 1.42 million dairy cows in Japan, some 800,000 (around 59% of the total) are in Hokkaido. However, Hokkaido has faced rising temperatures, typhoons and increased rainfall in the past decades, making silage preparation and storage more difficult. There is a growing demand for silage that can remain at high quality over long periods of storage in any environment.

Buffered with sodium, Lupro-Cid NA is also the first low-irritant and low-corrosive organic acid product in the Japanese market. The addition of sodium to the product has successfully reduced the metal-corrosive and skin-irritating properties of pure acids that create difficulties in safe silage preparation. Lupro-Cid NA will thus allow significant improvements in safety for dairy farm workers.

Besides Lupro-Cid NA, BASF also offers to the Japanese market Amasil® NA, a blend of formic acid and sodium formate.


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