August 8, 2013


Ukraine may double rapeseed exports in 2013-14 season



After an expected 75% increase in the harvested crop, Ukraine expects to double its rapeseed exports in the 2013-14 season.


According to Ukraine's analytical agency ProAgro, better weather will allow the former Soviet republic to harvest 2.2 million tonnes of rapeseed in 2013 and export 2.1 million tonnes of the commodity in the 2013-14 July-June season.


Ukraine exports the majority of its rapeseed harvest, mostly to European countries, consuming only about 5-7% itself. ProAgro said 88,500 tonnes of rapeseed had been exported in the first half of July.


According to Ukraine experts, future rapeseed exports may decrease due to the growth in the internal demand, particularly from the feed industry. For example in the current year it is predicted that Ukraine will consume 100,000 tonnes of rapeseed, while in 2012 it was 50,000 tonnes.


Autumn drought and severe frost damaged large areas of rapeseed in 2012, slashing the harvest to 1.25 million tonnes. Rapeseed exports in 2012-13 totalled about 1.2 million tonnes.

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