August 7, 2012


Bangladesh's poultry egg, meat prices may come down to tolerable level



Despite the industry having received a significant amount of bank loans, Bangladesh's prices of poultry eggs and meat are yet to come down to a tolerable level.


Disbursement of loans for the poultry sector by the commercial banks has increased by 33.75% in the just concluded fiscal year (FY 2011-12) compared to that of the FY 2010-11, BB statistics showed.


Bank loans worth BDT6.87 billion (US$84.3 million) were disbursed during the last fiscal for the poultry sector. The amount of loans was BDT4.55 billion (US$56 million) in the FY 2010-11, according to the BB data.


Bird flu viruses have adversely impacted the overall productions of poultry industry of the country, industry people said.


Insiders claimed that the number of broiler, egg and chicks has reduced by about 50% over the last few years.


"Supply of those items has drastically fallen in markets. So there is no impact on the market price despite increase in bank loans in the sector," Bangladesh Poultry Industry Association (BPIA) Secretary Dr MM Khan told the FE Sunday (Aug 5).


Experts said when the volume of investment increases in a sector, then it obviously reflects a gradual expansion of it that helps to produce more goods and gear up supply that ultimately reduces the market price. But the scenario is different in case of our country.


The country's poultry industry is expanding rapidly due to an increased demand for the source of protein. Chicken is now replacing fish and other meat. Poultry eggs and meat are important sources of high quality proteins, minerals and vitamins to balance the human diet.


Earlier, the poultry sector did not have an easy access to bank loans because bankers believed that it was a risky industry. But time has now changed.


The poultry sector has flourished in the country, in terms of technology and expansion. It has bright prospects. The government should pay more attention to the poultry sector, officials said.


The poultry sector has a great potential and has a major role to play in the economy by contributing food supplies, reducing the demand for beef and other meat products.

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