August 6, 2013


Brazil's chicken exports up 8.8% in July



Compared to the same month in 2012, Brazilian exports of chicken were up 8.8% in July totalling 339,600 tonnes.


In revenue, the increase was even greater, that is, 20%, totalling US$680.5 million, according to the Brazilian Poultry Union (UBABEF).


According to the CEO of UBABEF, Francisco Turra, the pace of shipments recorded in July confirms the start of a movement to a seasonal high in exports, as predicted by UBABEF during the second half of 2013.


"Shipments tend to maintain the pace of growth with the opening of the Mexican market for chicken meat from Brazil, and can even be enhanced with the possible qualification of new plants to China, maintaining the forecast export of volumes to achieve the equivalent total in 2012," he said.


On the other hand, Turra said there may be pressure on the balance between supply and demand. "It is actually perceived by the market that there is wide availability of products, since there was an adjustment in the volume of slaughter as a result of the international crisis of 2012," he said.

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