August 6, 2012


Estonia's Q2 milk output climbs 1.3% on-year



Farmers in Estonia produced 183,990 tonnes of milk in Q2 2012, 1.3% higher against the same period of the previous year, according to Statistics Estonia.


In Q2, the egg production contracted 5.8% compared with the same quarter last year, to 45,886 million.


The average milk production per cow in Q2 was 1,881 kilogrammes; compared with the same period last years the output grew 0.6%. The average milk output per cow during the six months was 3,673 kilogrammes, 48% less compared with the same period last year.


The average egg production per hen was 69 eggs in Q2, as many as in the same quarter last year.


As of June 30 this year there were 248,700 head of cattle in Estonia, including 96,500 milch cows. The number of pigs was 373,600 and of sheep and goats 105,300.


In Q2 31,400 calves and 193,100 piglets were born and in the same period last year there were 32,000 calves and 197,300 piglets born in the same period last year.

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